Tuesday, September 29, 2009


It's been a billion years, i know.

Not that i didn't have the time to spare, but i had nothing to report. Now i do, i guess.

School has been alright. It's getting harder now. I don't recall work being so difficult back in Taylor's ADP. I can blame a lot of things for my struggle:

  • It may have been substantially easier back home.
  • That one year hiatus really did me in.
  • It's way different here.
  • I'm thinking way too much for my own good.
I shudder at every new assignment because i've been blanking out at every single one so far. It pisses me off so much that i'd have to rely on so many other people to explain what the questions wants from me. It's even more embarrassing that most of these people are younger than me. I blame the hiatus for this one.

Other than that, I think i need to change my sheets soon. :P

Niamah, pray for me people. Pray that i will get better at college. Sigh. Pray to all your gods. I. Do. Not. Care.

I'm glad that i'm up and awake at this hour now. I hope that i'll be able to get my college sleeping hours soon. I miss being able to get through the day after a minimum of 4 hours of sleep. Now i can't do shit without at least 8.

Hell, i want to swear aloud. Bloody Messiah College. I respect your academic stature, but the fact that a heathen like me is in your holy Christian sanctuary pisses me off so bad. Geh. A challenge i've accepted a long time ago, to survive it.

Thank God this assignment's thereabout done. Now i can sleep for 5 hours and wake up for compulsory chapel at 9.30am. Someone save me. Really.

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