Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Classes Have Begun

I have this tremendous fear that someone from college will happen on to this blog. Even though i already planned on letting that happen, i'm still afraid. Maybe it's because my blog was so under the radar back home and only a select few (plus some other random people i do not know) found it.

I'll get over this somehow. I just have to be extremely careful about what i decide to publish.

So classes have started after a long couple of weeks of orientation; both international and transfer. I've made friends, go me. But it's even more difficult to remember names now that there are so many people i meet.

I can't really pin-point a class i'm thoroughly excited for because there is none. You could say i'm gonna fight my way through the semester to that 4.0 to keep my scholarship. Ah, such motivation when only money is involved.

Actually, i think i only need to keep a 3.0 and above. But a 4.0 would be better, no?

So life isn't actually all that bad here. I'm about 83% over the fact that i'm crippled without a license or car over here. I'm glad that i've found friends who are willing to take me out to get stuff if i need to. No, i'm not friends with them just 'cos they have a car. I think that's terribly selfish.

I've almost gotten used to picking what to eat during meals so i don't come back bloated. I'd like to proudly announce that i've lost weight, but i think that the weight-loss may be due to the fact that i haven't been eating right 'cos i refuse to eat all the mash potato and gravy they have every other day. I'm getting better. :)

It's funny how people warm up to each other at first and then only notice their faults after a while. I truly understand what an orientation leader meant when she said that "the people you meet during orientation will reveal their true nature once they get settled into college". She didn't say that exactly, but it was something along those lines. I think it's pretty interesting 'cos things could have been worse if people noticed your faults first before your bests. No one would have any friends and we'd all be just rotten people to meet.

I'm prattling. Forgive me. Lecturers have started classes with prayer and referenced plenty from their bibles all of yesterday and today. I hope i'll get used to it soon. My education is what i make of it. Therefore, none of this should matter.

Leanna, i truly miss you. I have this urge to go "You know ah..." everyday now because something ridiculous always happens. But there's no one to say that to.

I truly want to come home now. I still ponder on finishing my bachelor's locally. Too much is happening over here and if i get caught in the cross-fire, no one's going to be my Forrest Gump and save me even after getting hit in the ass by a stray bullet.

I'll be fine eventually. I just miss everyone a lot 'cos no friend here will replace the ones i have at home.

Hell, i wanna go to a coffee shop in my singlet and shorts in the evenings and not freeze my ass off 'cos fall's on its way. Sial.


  1. welcome to america :)
    honestly though, I haven't ever been homesick the whole time I've been here and I've only ever craved the food back home ... and family of course, but never homesick.

  2. awwww. i hope things will go better for u. and i'm growing fat instead because of the good chocolates i've been having lately. D: